Automating with a Star Analyser (SA100)?

I’ve just got myself a SA100 for a project to record spectra (multiple targets per session).

I am trying to work out if I can use Voyager to help automate this process.

If my setup is like this:
main scope + SA100 + cooled camera
guide scope + guide camera

Can I plate solve to a target using the guide scope?

Plate solving gets the target in the centre - can I get Voyager to move a set distance offset after the plate solve, as I need to get the star to the “side” to fit the spectra lines in?

Has anyone else tried using a SA100 with Voyager + automation?

You cannot target on object using guide scope plate solve, sorry lazjen.
If your mount allow modelling you can trust pointing.

Or you can use a 2 node array system configuring guidescope like master and SA100 like slave. This if they pointing in sync to the sky (mechanical alignment).

All the best

Ok, thanks for the info.

In DragScript the “Precise pointing by name” action block manage an offset, was born for research & survey scope.

All the best

Ok, I read that page and missed that - thanks. I think I might be able to do it via modelling and pointing, plus this offset. It’ll take a bit of trial and error to sort it out, but it has a good chance to succeed I think.

If you need something to modify add let me know