** BayerMatrix ** warning in PIxInsight WBPP Script

I just started using Voytager, with a OSC (ASI2600mc) camera. When I run the Weighted Batch PreProcessor script in PixInsight, I get a warning below:

** Warning: Invalid file name characters will be replaced with underscores in filter name: '** BayerMatrix **.
The script complains about the " ** " in the filter name in the fits header. In the file name, how do I replace that with something else like an underscore so the " ** " is not used in the Fits header of the file.


I saw the message from PI too.
However, I can tell you that I have not had negative feedback in the processing.


Marzio, you are right, it has no effect on processing. Just trying to avoid / address as many warnings as possible.

Done, you will found in the next daily build

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Thanks Leo. You are awesome.
By the way 2nd night using Voyager, and loving the web dashboard. The web dashboard along with the roboclip really made it easy to rotate to frame my sequence.

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Thanks again for your feedback.
You are welcome.

All the best