Best Approach for Asteroids?

Hello Leo and All,
I am using Voyager for asteroid light curve work where I follow the object all night long taking hundreds of images and the position of the object changes from night to night. So if I have a script setup on one night I have to be careful to make sure I have all of the RA and DEC fields updated correctly when I take images the second night.

Typically the objects I follow stay in the field all night. But some objects require a new slew before every dozen images in order to follow them. So I have to be careful.

I made a request earlier for the Research Tab to be able to find objects using Fast Find in The Sky earlier and it is under consideration. , But now that I am also using drag script I can see additional opportunities to make the work flow easier when scripting.

It would be nice if Voyager made it easier to update RA and DEC in required fields in drag script by either having both a “Fast Find” and perhaps a “update position before action” check box for moving objects wherever an RA and DEC is called for in drag script functions.

I hope this update will be considered.

I am loving the functionality options in Voyager so far!



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Hello Russ,

sure … i think this can be solved with RA and DEC variable, i’ll add also goto byname.
Is already developed a goto by name block with offset for asteroids and comets … but is a single block before starting to use the shot block

All the best