Best Planetarium Software input

I’m hoping for some experienced user input for Voyager and what is the best plaentarium software to integrate with Voyager ? I’m using a 10 Micron GM 1000 mount

qualifications are easy to use GUI

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I’ve used TheSkyX and Stellarium; both works fine. Stellarium is free so I’d say give it a go.


Cartes du Ciel works fine too and is also free. It’s the one I use. Stellarium is more a visualisation of the sky, and Cartes du Ciel is more map-like.


I use TheSkyX. Works great.

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I use TheSkyX as well, but I also like it’s blind plate solving (really fast), so it doubles as my plate solving software as well.


I use sky safari 7 on my iPad (paid), and in combination with Alpaca en zerotier, I can control the scope on distance. however, I mainly use the planetarium program to decide on my planning. For composition, I used the Voyager web and Robotarget, so, in general, I don’t have any use for it, but it is cool that you can see where your scope is pointing. So I have not configured any planetarium program in Voyager. I can understand if you point to an object and then start the capture session oke. And the personal feeling, I love the look and feel of Skysafari. different people, different programs :wink: