Best way to Goodnight (park) mount in a script

I started using a modified version of the all night script.

Is there a way to force a good night at a certain time regardless of where I am at in a sequence? I want this check in case I enter in something wrong in a sequence.

I grouped my sequences in one block, and was thinking of putting a “do if” at the beginning, but there’s no do if astro dark command related to that.

But there is a Repeat Until that will cover it.

If I set a repeat until, will it stop a current session (or even the first session), once it gets to that time, or only the repeated session?

It wont stop the current sequence as it is only evaluated when it is reached in the Dragscript, unlike Sequence Constraints that are evaluated during that sequence.

I find it better to put each sequence in its own block and nest these in a further block i.e.

Block Imaging
Block Sequence 1
Block Sequence 2

You can then put Repeats on each sequence block. I tend to put an altitude constraint in the sequence itself and a repeat until time on the block that contains the sequence. The advantage of putting each sequence in a block is you can add and IF OK >> Exit block. That way if the sequence completes successfully the script moves on to the next Block Sequence.

You also have the option for each sequence to end at Astronomical Night End with an offset. In that case the Sequence will end after the last exposure completes. I tend to put that on the last sequence of the session.