Bulk editing of Sets

Hey again, same request as for Shots but also Sequences.

As the month is getting older I am wanting to change the Priority of my Sets, the problem is that I am now having to click through each one - one by one, to work out which one is High, First and Low and then change them one by one.

I would LOVE a way to select them all, reset them to Normal for example and then choose the one or two that I really want to be High (or Low).

It seems in general the UI of Voyager doesn’t allow for bulk selections in lists - Sequences, Roboclips, etc can only ever be selected and editing one at a time - even for clear “group” tasks such deleting - I assume there’s a technical reason for it, but it would be great if there was a solution, at least for me.

It is not possible to do what you ask for for various reasons. The thing that I feel like I’m getting stuck is that if you need to make these changes there is something to review in how you manage the shots. Create disabled Container Sets in which to put targets to inherit the structure from, so you don’t have to change anything. Just copy and paste.

Remember that Sets (such as targets and shots) can be disabled. In the case of disabled Sets, all the targets contained will not be taken into consideration by the scheduler.