Bulk editing of Shots (copy/paste like Sequences)

Hello again - not a bug report, usability question/suggestion.

One thing that might have already been asked for is a simple way to bulk edit my shot attributes.
I have already made a set of “Masters” with a number of dummy Targets - eg: LRBG 300 seconds/Gain 100 x 10 shots repeat 3 times

But I have started imaging some new targets where the exposure length and or the number of shots I want needs to change (eg: more shots, shorter exposure due to clipping) - but I have to edit each manually and a few times I have made a mistake editing just one of the shots and the results is wrong.

If I am using the tools wrong, please let me know, I’ve read Roland’s blog posts, but I might have missed something.

I have a set of “template” dummy targets:

  • LRGB - 12L+5R+5G+5B, loop for 10 times
  • H - 8H, loop for 8 times
  • etc.

Just curious why you would need to add or reduce frame numbers for each target? For me I always want same amount of exposure for any LRGB target.

great question - the number of shots doesn’t change much and it’s pretty easy to update the “repeat” so that’s less of a problem, but the length of shot changes depending on teh apparent magnitude - eg: Jupiter’s Ghost blows out for me at 180 seconds RGB, but is okay at 120 - but I usually dont know what it will be until after I’ve captured some data.
I could always do a separate Sequence before/after RoboTarget and edit there (where cut and paste works) but then that kind of clashes with how I was thinking I would use RoboTarget - for these “trial” runs I will run off a few shots at the start of the night - especially during moonlit nights as “TOAs” (targets of opportunity) before refining the shots (what I suppose we used to call a Sequence).
Again - not life or death, just a convenience/affordance that might be useful (or a text file I can use a regex to search/replace)

Paul, you can:

  • copy target only
  • copy target and shots
  • copy only shots of a target
  • copy shot

You can cut or paste. So you have all the possibility to manage shots and target.
If you need to change number of shot or lenght you can edit the single shot and save, will be used at next run of target.

All the best

Thanks Leo - my question was whether it woudl be technically possible to select and edit multiple shots at once - mainly when changing duration and gain (the two things I sometimes change when you are experimenting with a target)

Obviously I can do it one at a time, but I am lazy :slight_smile:

At once not … this is not possible

All the best

Leo, as I’ve been using the beta more and more, I am finding going back and editing one sequence/target at a time to be VERY slow, especially when a new feature/flag is added to the target description eg: Or Moon Down flag - I need to go back over a 30+ entries in the scheduler and click each one to change it, super slow and of course error prone.

Is there a technical reason we can’t select multiple entries at one time?

Dear Paul, if you need to do all this change there is something not correct on how you manage the settings, probably the solution is to identify what you need exactly and create a better template to use for inherits the target.

To change things in one target we talk about few seconds, bulk edit is not possible because its a remote system. Better to leave to user simple features to avoid problems.

Hey Leo - perhaps I am not using the tool correctly.

Let’s say I’ve got 1 galaxy target that I want to image - so I make a template and use it and then copy it 20 times to make my other galaxy setups.

Then I realise that I forgot to set the “moon down” flag, maybe because the moon was down when I did the original setup and the images were fine, now they are full of light pollution.

I then go back and modify each one by hand to include “moon down” flag 20 OR I have to delete them all (again one by one) and start again.

Same thing if I want to change my SQM rule, then I have to edit each one by hand?

Perhaps I am using the tool incorrectly?

Side note: it seems for me at least, shot lists and target rules/constraints are often the same for similar types of target\ Sets (eg: broad band=moon down, narrow band=moon up and 45’ away) with the main different from target to target being the camera PA - if there was a way to put these into a template (something like a Sequence file) I would be able to edit the one template file and then all of the changes are inherited by that Set

Again, there’s a 99% chance I have been using the tool wrong the entire time and it can do what I am asking and I just down know - I have watched the videos, but I was also tired!

Hi Paul,

Answer to your request is the previous one:

All the best

Thanks, I got that - I guess my question is, have I been using the tool wrong? Is there a way to manage Sets so that the parameters are inherited by the Targets?

Should I be putting some these constraints into the Sequence? (some like Moon are not in there, so I am guessing the answer is no)

Set cannot inherits/inject data to Targets.
Shot and constraints in sequence cannot be used this will not have sense at all. There is the shot manager to set constraints for targets (RoboTarget Manager).
If you want to manage the Moon constraints are for target. Create a template one time and always use this, have not sense again to change this kind of constraints everytime. FIx and define onetime and forget.

All the best

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