Bump dither and drag script

I was looking at the scripting forum in Bisque.com and alternative method of dithering was suggested which I think may get around the problems I have with TSX and voyager doing dither (the problem I have is that despite “override agressiveness” it can still take my MX+ up to 2 minutres to get back to within 1 pixel after a dither.

The alternative was to stop guiding, move the mount and then restart guiding… I can’t find the post again but I’m sure he called it “bump dithering”… works for non-guided runs too. My guess it that this can be done in dragscript. I admit to being a it lazy… has anyone done this ?

I’m currently imaging and I’m experiencing a bit of elongated stars the first sub (600s) after dithering, and I actually don’t have a huge focal lenght (800mm). So I clearly was looking for a way to avoid such problem. In my mind, dithering the way you say is more logic to avoid those problems, but I don’t actually know if this makes any sense overall.

Dragscript wise, I went looking for possible solutions and I will try playing with it on my own and if something works, I’ll share here.

Did you find a solution. This seems to work for me
Acquiring Guide Star: Time 7 [s] - Binning 1 - Use RoboGuide Star Selection
Guide Start: Time 7 [s] - Binning 1 - Use RoboGuide Star Selection
Expose: Filter [2] GREEN - 35 [s] - Bin 1 - Full Frame - Light - Exp - [CMOS Gain=0 Offset=0]
Guide Stop
Unguided Dithering: Max Pixel 9 [pixel] - From Last Precision Pointing Action Position - Use Actual Position on Empty/Fail condition
Repeat Block For n Times: 5