Calculating Elapsed Time

Is there a DragScript command to store the clock time to a DragScript variable for use in calculating elapsed time between events, in addition to other timing functions?

I remember someone posting this question late last year and I believe Leo was going to add it but I don’t know if it’s been implemented and released yet or not.

Thank you.

Its on the TODO list

All the best


waiting for Leo, we could try to bypass the obstacle with Python.
I imagine you have to calculate the time elapsed between two points chosen by you of the drag script such as start of sequence and end of goodnight (just as an example)

As soon as I have a moment I’ll try


Thank you Leo! I figured out a solution in the meantime, until you have time to get it added to the DragScript functionality.

And thanks for your input Andrea. I’d be interested in seeing what you come up with.

I forgot that you can read in an external variable and store it into a DragScript variable with the “External Script” DragScript command. It’s just passing the value of a DragScript variable externally that you can’t do.

So I wrote a short PowerShell script to read system time and pass it to standard output for reading in by an “External Script” command. I can then use “Subtract to Decimal Number” to calculate an elapsed time interval. I tested it out and it works great.