Calibrate Guider in Voyager questions

I usually calibrate my OAG in PHD2 and only recalibrate when I rotate my camera.

Now that I’m getting used to letting Voyager to do all the work, I’m now looking at having Voyager do the calibration. That way I don’t have to worry about calibration whenever I rotate the camera. I can just run my Dragscript.

If I check the calibrate guide box in the sequence:
Does Voyager recalibrate after a meridian flip?
Should I uncheck “Auto Restore Calibration” in PHD2?

I’m asking because last session I checked the “Calibrate Guide” box. Everything seemed to work fine until the meridian flip. After that guiding was terrible and I had to stop the script and do my calibration in PHD2 (at the meridian). In PHD2 I have “Auto Restore Calibration” checked.

Hi Jamie. If you flag calibrate in guide tab of sequence Voyager will calibrate guide for you at begin of sequence and at meridian flip . Also will retry calibration on case of reiterate worst guiding. So configure phd2 to not ruin calibration done during sequence.

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Thanks Leonardo!

I got it working. For reference I have a Celestron CGEMII and use an OAG and use ASCOM pulse guiding.

Last night I ran a sequence and checked the “calibrate guide” box in Voyager and set my exposure and binning for that in the sequence guide/dithering tab. I left the PHD2 settings as they were: use multiple stars, auto restore calibration -the settings that worked before integrating calibration with Voyager.

All worked fine. This time I sat and watched the process. I picked an item close to the meridian to check the guiding behavior before and after, and yes once it flipped, Voyager had PHD2 recalibrate. Guiding worked fine.

I looked at the Voyager log from the previous night that gave me trouble. I saw that I was loosing the guide star before it flipped, so the issue was probably poor seeing or high clouds. Just a coincidence that it happened on my first try of having Voyager initiate the calibration.

Hope this helps other users!

Hi Jamie,

if you ask to calibrate guide in Voyager and if this fails , Voyager will retry for 3 times. After this if all retries produce an error the Sequence will be aborted.

For your info.

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