Calibration Custom File Pattern

For calibration frames I use a Dragscript which is virtually identical to the sample script, “Calibration FIT”. How could I have it’s file naming comply with the Sequence File Pattern that I use for all my sequence-generated images in a profile.
Frankly, I wish there was a “Calibration (darks and bias) Sequence” feature that would be analogous to the Autoflat Sequence feature except applicable to darks and bias frames only. Like the Autoflats feature, it would allow Voyager to handle calibration as a customizable sequence, thus allowing for the saving of multiple files each representing a unique calibration scheme. The Autoflat sequence feature is quite amazing. This would be similar. It would essentially be a targetless sequence for this purpose only.


DarkLib_Bin1_-20C.vos (107.9 KB)
Hi Howard.

This is the script I use for my dark library. It looks like this:

You can change the variables at the top to control how many frames of each exposure you want. Seeing the value to zero will, obviously, turn that exposure off. You will have to modify the storage location in each Exposure line of code, but you will only have to do that once.

I hope it helps. Let me know if you have any questions.


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Of course it helps, Tim. You always have great ideas. I like your CONFIG Block which provides quick flexibility.
But the script still doesn’t overcome the issue of providing custom file naming (which a Sequence I propose would provide). I admit that custom naming for Darks is a trivial matter (of little consequence) but we all have our little quirky requests and “needs”.
Thanks Tim