Camera Cool Down based on ambient temperature?

In our hot Texas summers, I can often cool my main camera sensor down to only around 5-8C. In the fall and winter, I can get down much lower. Is there a way to set the target temp to ambient -30c?

But you probably don’t want a “floated” cooled temperature that varies based on ambient temperature which is different in every night? You can probably make it step-wise, but still… wouldn’t it be much simpler to choose and temp and stick with it? Voyager does offer “backup” temp settings in case you can’t reach your main temp target.

Zhang, good point. I am working on my first dragscript and am trying to avoid parameters that are hard coded. I find that sensor temperature greatly affects the noise as it rises above about -10c. But, I wouldn’t want to have to take darks for too many setpoints.

So what is “Use Variable” on the Cool Down parameters? Will this help select the appropriate setpoint? Any examples?

When setting up the sequence, you can enable this and it will try the lowest setpoint, and move to the next higher one if it can’t reach/maintain the lower setpoint.

Thanks, Zhang. I will experiment with that. It looks like it checks the power consumption as well. That is good. Wouldn’t want to run at 100% for very long…