Camerashot Error = 212

Last night I received a Camerashot Error = 212 when imaging within a sequence in Voyager.

My camera was set to TSX, and in TSX is configured to the Ascom driver for a QHY268. All was working earlier in the session.

Is there a list of error codes that are available to provide any detail.

Thank you in advance !

Hi Matt,

we do not offer support by forum , for official support please refer to what in this link:

About your question you must refer to TheSkyX support because error coming from TheSkyX.

Here the list of TheSkyX errors:

I suggest to not use TheSkyX for manage this camera (if you can) , there is native support for QHY CMOS in Voyager.

Thanks for the info. I will send to the support link next time.


212 is a catch all SkyX “Process Aborted” error and doesn’t help much in finding the source.

lists all the error codes. I have seen it related to camera function on a few occasions. Are you able to take images in SkyX Camera Add On including sub-frames and binned full frames and sub-frames using the same camera selection? Check you are able to take short duration frames too … say 0.1 seconds.