Cannot connect to Viking in Windows 10 Home Edition

Hi everybody.
I’m just trying to use Viking within Voyager.
It works fine on a Windows 10 Professional OS but not on my fanless PC running Windows 10 Home Edition. The Connection Test fails (Viking does not respond on free ports) even if I try to add Viking.exe in the Windows Firewall rules.
Any idea?

But have you activated the lan service in windows ?

The PC is already on the LAN. I cannot connect even if Voyager and Viking are on the same machine…

Dear Fukinagashi,

TCP/IP server is used in Voyager and Viking also in local host… this mean you must have LAN layer in OS working.

Just a question, have a trial/commercial license of Viking ?
Because demo version doesn’t have Application Server.

Have you flagged the start of Application Server on Viking Setting ?
Which is the color of virtual led in status bar, box Application Server ?

If you need official support please use the mail.

All the best

Hi Leo. It is a trial license. The Application Server checkbox is flagged (“Start Server Automatically”) while “Server on Port 4434” semaphore is red…

So have you opened the firewall port?

Sorry Leo, don’t know how but now it works…
Thanks for help.

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