Cannot connect with Eagle 3

I have installed voyager on my PL Eagle 3 but cannot connect to the dashboard. I’ve tried no address and the IP addresses as shown in he server window. Any ideas?

Hi George ,

try to read about on the wiki:

try to check if you have enabled application server (and web server if you using local without internet):

If you dont solve you can ask for a remote session support.

Thank you so much.

This is the official documentation about Web Dashboard:

This is the web page dedicated to our Dashboard:

This is the link to open the online webdashboard:

All the best

Strangely enough I can connect with Firefox, whereas before I was using Explorer and couldn’t connect
All ok now.

Voyager web dashboard running on all web browser (excluded someone really old like internet explorer because MS doesn’t support since years) and PC/tablet/smartphone. There are no limitations.
Probably you have some misconfiguration in your browser or you have chosen the wrong parameters.