Cannot get focuser to work

My focuser is a ZWO EAF with some ASCOM drivers.
I cannot get Voyager to work with it and I get the following message.

Action tine mobile mean (ROBOFIRE_CURVE) = 0m 45s
ACTION end Finished error

ANy idea what I am not doing correctly.

Hi Vince, is that while trying to run the focus first light wizard?

Firstly, when you connect your setup, does the focuser connect? And does it both show the correct step position in the focus widget, and can you move it in and out with the buttons in the widget? If yes to all three, then the focus motor is working properly with Voyager.

If that is working properly and you have not run the first light wizard in the focus setup tab you need to do that (This setup part is done with the equipment connected and under a sky) You might want to do a plate solve and sync to ensure the first part (“Point closest focus star” in the focus setup tab) and then run the first light wizard, but before that, focus the setup manually using the focus widget and shooting test exposures. Focus does not need to be perfect to start the first light wizard but it needs to be reasonably good. If the wizard completes successfully you should be pretty good to go. If it does not complete successfully you might be best to put in a support request (Via the email address, not here on the forum)

Hi Blue,
Thank you for your detailed answer. I have done what you have suggested but still no luck.
I will keep trying.

Is it failing during the first light wizard? If so I would consider doing a support request so you can get it sorted out. It is usually pretty simple to run successfully but some setups need some setting tweaks.

Thank you very much for your help.
The focuser now connects and moves in and out. I didn’t set the low and high value in the correct tabs.
Where do I input the step value?
Thanks again for your help, waiting for a bit of clear sky for testing.

Do you mean a step value for putting in here? You are better off running the VCurve first light wizard and letting Voyager determine it for you.

Just a reminder, to run the first light wizard in the focus setup tab, the mount needs to be decently aligned and the scope needs to be in good (Not perfect) focus. After that you need to press the “Point closest focus star with robostar” button. Don’t try to select and manually point to a focus star yourself, use the button and let Voyager do it. Once that has completed, use the VCurve first light wizard. If that completes successfully (And for most setups it will, the only problem I have usually run in to was the scope being too far away from focus when I started) you should be good to go for either VCurve or localfield focus. In the “On the fly” tab, V Curve focus is the “Autofocus with Voyager AcquireStar” button, In a sequence it is the “RoboStar” selection.

Hi Blue,
Many thanks for your detailed answer.
I have everything ready for the first bit of clear sky.
Thanks again for taking the time to help.