Can't Get Merdian Flip to Work

I’ve been using Voyager now for the last few weeks and would like to purchase a license. However, the one critical item that I can’t get to work is the meridian flip.

I’ve watched the videos, read the Wiki, but still can’t get Voyager to complete the flip. Using other software with the same telescope limit settings the flip occurs as normal, so I’m thinking that it must be a Voyager setting.

I’ve done several test runs with objects near the Meridian, but the mount never actually does the flip. Voyager does plate solves and appears to command the mount to flip, but it never does.

Under my sequence, I’ve set Merdian Flip mode to “Manage”, which I believe is the most important setting. My sequence ends with notice that “Telescope Tracking Stopped for Inactivity and Needed Meridian Flip [IDLE] !!”.

I’ve not set my mount to manage the flip, which I understand can cause some confusion, and as mentioned, the flip will occur with other software. My mount is a Losmandy GM811.

Thanks for any help you could provide.


Hi Gary,

I’m no expert so just a few suggestions. Have you got ‘GEM Stop Tracking for inactivity…’ set in SetupForm->Mount or it could be that there is an option in the Gemini ASCOM driver.

The manual says:
GEM Stop Tracking for inactivity if Meridian flip needed: if a sequence is running the meridian flip
can be done by Voyager, but if you have no actions running and just Voyager connected to your
equipment without your supervision a pier collison can happen if the mount is tracking. If set, this flag
recognize that no actions are running in Voyager and stops the mount tracking (if tracking is on) when
the mount reach the meridian crossing point for the actual position. Please check this flag for your setup

Hope that helps

Thanks Robert,

Yes, I do have the option set in Voyager for “GEM Stop Tracking for Inactivity” after 30 minutes. In my tests, I was running a test sequence and collecting subs. The mount reached the merdian, Voyager indicated that a flip was coming, did a couple of plate solves and then just timed out with no flip. The previous night, I had the mount running unattended and the mount stopped tracking the same way.

According to Leo, there are only a few things that could cause this.
(1) LST time/date not aligned between Voyager and mount - checked
(2) mount limits set too limited - checked
(3) mount meridian delay set in mount

Now I’m thinking it might be a mount setting rather than Voyager, although as mentioned the flip occurs in my other software using the same mount.

Oh well, next clear night, hopefully I’ll figure this out. Thanks again for your input.


Its curious because flip is just a goto command in Voyager … but i cant see your settings and what happen and i cant help more here. If you want you can ask for support to official mail, i’m happy to check setting with you from remote.

Also If you have log of what you tell i can check operations.

Sorry Gary.

Well, after some digging into the Losmandy Gemini controller documentation, I’m optimistic that I may have found my answer.

There’s a section called automation settings, which is a new feature of the driver. Normally if Gemini, tracks into a safety limit the mount stops and has to be manually backed away from the limit before you can GoTo your next target, which can be a problem for automated operation.

Now there’s a setting to “nudge mount out of safety limit on slew”. If this parameter is set, it invokes a one second slew away from the safety limit. The driver then waits for the one second slew to complete, and then issue the desired slew/park command, as usual.

Hopefully, invoking this setting will be the answer to this issue. I’ll need to wait until the next clear night to test it out.

Thanks Leo and Robert for trying to help me out on this issue.



It’s been some time since I originally posted this question, but actually, the setting in the Losmandy Gemini setting did not work. Leo seems to think it’s a bug in the Gemini driver software, however, I have not had a problem with meridian flips in SGP. I did purchase a license thinking I could work the problem out or maybe even use some type of work-around. I also posted a question on the Losmandy/Gemini user group forum, thinking that someone else with this mount might be successfully using Voyager, but got no replies

Voyager will work correctly (including Goto’s) it seems until it encounters the meridian. It will then go into a loop doing continuous plate solves in preparation for the flip, but the flip never does occur. The system will eventually time out in an idle state.

Leo did look at all my settings so I know that is not the problem. He did not think that this is fixable due to my particular mount and driver software. I just thought that I would throw this inquiry out there one last time to see if anyone else has an idea on workable solutions, otherwise I can’t really use the software using the equipment that I currently have.

Thanks, Gary

Dear Gary … i dont think !!! I’m sure … like i said you Voyager do a simple Goto … the mount must do the flip , all the mount do it. If dont do this mean driver have setting that blocking to do it, i dont know your mount and i dont know setting of your mount, its really strange and complex to me. I think the driver developer can help you in 5 minutes … this is what i tell you.

VOYAGER DONT DO CONTINUE PLATE SOLVING … just expect a meridian change an your driver report no pier flip done and voyager continue to send goto for doing this…you can manage number of retries. This is a safety operation … not a bug !!!

Voyager isn’t SGP and there isn’t bug in Voyager. Voyager doesn’t force the Meridian because its really dangerous and never will do that.

I absolutely dont like what you wrote in this last message and i must tell you , i leave your message if someone know your mount or using it but really i’m not happy.

I havent problem to give you back money of license … but i want you understand is really NOT NORMAL what your mount do and for my experience mean the solution is really simple.

All the best

I too have a Losmandy, a G11. The keys to achieving meridian flips in either SGP or Voyager is to correctly set up the safety limits for your equipment in Gemini and then setting the correct time delay in minutes past meridian to flip. Depending on your equipment the safety limit on the east side of the mount may be less than 90 degrees. In my case it’s 87. One degree equals four minutes so I have to go past the meridian to the west by at least 12 minutes in order for Gemini to accept a meridian flip. If you use a time less than that the flip will not occur.

Rob Fink

If that doesn’t work for you. There are two other common possibilities. The UTC time is not correctly set up in Gemini. This is critical for the mount to know where it is relative to the meridian flip. Second, is not having the latest firmware update to Gemini. The Gemini 2 forum is the best place to get answers specific to your unit.

Rob Fink