Celestron CPWI questions


I am helping a friend of mine setting up Voyager to work with Celestron CPWI and AVX mount. Every time I select CPWI as ASCOM Telescope, I get the following error message:

The mount is not connected to my laptop because I don’t have the mount (my friend has it at his house). Does CPWI software have to connect to AVX mount first before setting CPWI as ASCOM Telescope in Voyager?

I am successful using Celestron Unified ASCOM driver. Is CPWI better than Celestron Unified driver?

So, do I have to connect AVX mount to laptop with CPWI first before setting CPWI as ASCOM Telescope in Voyager?

I am sure this is not Voyager issue and I am asking experienced Celestron mount owners how to successfully use CPWI as ASCOM Telescope with Voyager.

I have same issue with PHD2 except PHD2 window disappears when I click on “Mount Setup” icon (next to “Connect” icon when ASCOM Telescope is set to CPWI (ASCOM).


Error say exactly that you must be connected because try to connect to retrieve version and other things.

PHD2 not handle the error and crash.

If are better or not wait some users of this mount want to say something about.

All the best

Thanks Leo. It’s kind of odd for an ASCOM driver to force me to connect just to setup. Not Voyager’s fault. I’m not sure I would trust CPWI because what if there was some sort of disconnection and cause the crash. Maybe I should stick to original Celestron unified ASCOM mount driver.

Thanks again,