Celestron Focuser Support

I am here on a trial. Is the Celestron Focuser support? I did not see it in the drop down box for focusers.

Yes if your focuser support ASCOM, Voyager using ASCOM focuser with RoboFire. If you want to use an external program instead Voyager for autofocus the focuser must be configured in the external application.


Voyager doesn’t have concept of focuser system but autofocus system … its different from other automation software. Voyager is a system integrator.


I have a Celestron motor on my RASA11 and it works without any issues. The problem that you might experience with the Celestron motor are mechanical, the mounting mechanism is poorly designed and can make the motor bind, but software-wise the Celestron ASCOM driver works fine and Voyager will happily work with it.



I use one on my C925 with Voyager and it works fine, you have installed the Celestron driver and made sure that it connects to the focuser? You will need that and then you can select it from the pulldown menu.

I agree that the mounting mechanism is not that well designed, it takes a bit of fiddling to make it work smoothly. I have also had the shaft retaining nut come loose so that it bound up internally as the shaft floated in and out. If I keep imaging with that scope I am inclined to fit something else like the ZWO focus motor (Which includes a temperature sensor) to it.

Thank you for your responses.

The mechanical connection for the Celestron Focuser depends on it being centered. I have had no issues at all with the focuser.