Celestron mount setup CGEM

Does anyone have a Celestron CGEM CGEMII or similar setup info with Voyager?

I just tried Voyager out last night with my CGEMII and noticed a slew that put the OTA a little too close to my tripod leg.

Just wondering if I need to set the mount favor settings or tracking RA limits in the mount, or should I leave the mount defaults alone. Any other Celestron mount tips appreciated.


ASI120mm mini
William Optics Z61

Just updating my post here now that I’ve practiced a bit.

No, you don’t need to change any settings in the Celestron CGEMII mount handcontrol for Voyager to work correctly. The defaults work fine. The go-tos and meridian flips, tracking and parking all work great. -Just make sure you know where to force a meridian flip for your setup. I have mine set to abandon a capture and force a flip at 6 minutes in Voyager. So far all flips have worked great at that parameter.

The weird slew I encountered at that time must have been a date/time or sync issue. Just make sure you have your date, time, and location accurate. I finally bit the bullet and purchased the GPS add on from Star GPS. It works better than Celestron’s because it’s faster. I highly recommend this. It’s just another thing you don’t have to worry about screwing up! -Image offsite with no internet frequently . . .

I don’t calibrate my mount anymore since I plate solve. If your initial parameters are accurate, the first go-to will be close enough to plate solve. After that Voyager will sync your mount and following go-tos will get better.