Center target object in the filed of view of the camera

Hi together,

I’m new in voyager but already made some very nice experiences with the AutoFocus and the Sequencer!

BUT I have a question: How you are doing to bring the target object that you want to photograph in the right position on your cameras field of view?

In the program from ATIK “ArtemisCapture” I have the possibility to take one shot after an other without saving the pictures. With this option I place the target exactly on the position in my field of view. Does something like this also exists in Voyager? Or is there an other solution?
I only found the possibility to use “Camera Shot” from “OnTheFly”. And then look at the FIT viewer…

Thank you for your help!

Br Wolfgang

The easiest is probably via Web Dashboard; In Virtual FoV you frame however you want, and click “Precise GoTo”, and it does what you want.
You can also do this via DragScript --> Mount --> Precise Pointing
And if you are talking about this in a sequence, in Sequence Setting --> On Start you can check “Point Target On Start”

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Oh wait… You are looking for a way to do this manually? In that case currently I don’t believe there is a loop function available for it to take picture continuously, but it’s super easy to write a short DragScript to do that…

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Thank you yzhzhang…I will take a look on all you suggest!!!

br Wolfgang

What wrote from @yzhzhang is the right way to do this task, in an automation software it’s really essential to remove all manual tasks if really doesn’t need:

An example of select a taget on Virtual FoV with stretch and shot on the sky:

If you really want to do manually just use the loop precompiled DragScript with FITViewer opened:

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so I gave DragScript my first try…

As you can see on the screenshot, the srcipt make one shot after an other…BUT…I don’t want that the images are saved…because I will use it only for placing the object in the right vield of view per hand.
So I didn’t check the option - “Make Unique File Name”. But each picture is saved anyway!
The files are like this --> “Objekt_zentrieren_L_LIGHT_L_20201010_133911_929_E.FIT”

Can you please help me?

Thank you and br

Sorry but you cannot run loop without saving and you cannot show file in FIT Viewer without saving the file. Probably you want to do something is not provided by Voyager, please use the Virtual FOV and save the coordinates and press the precise pointing action button.

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Ok, thank you!

br Wolfgang

There is actually a workaround to this if you want to do some manual framing of focus or just testing shots. When you use the camera shot button in the on the fly tab Voyager saves the images to your C:\ “Your user name”\Documents\Voyager\FIT

Each time you start Voyager it clears the contents of this folder so any manual shots taken the last time Voyager was run are deleted.

If you want to do manual frame and focus, create and save a dragscript to make looping exposures with the “Expose” item and set it to save the resulting images to that same folder. It will shoot the images and display them in the FITS viewer if you have configured it to display images as they are shot, and when you next start Voyager it will delete those files and reclaim the storage space.


Instead to create for zero the loop in DragScript … I suggest using the precompiled LoopExposure DragScript from the DragScript Editor

I did mine manually some time ago when I was first starting to use dragscripts, but it was only recently that I realised that if you configure the script to save in the \Voyager\FIT folder that the files would be deleted automatically on the next start of Voyager. Prior to that I was using a similar script and deleting the files manually afterward.