Change profile on Web Dashboard?

I love the new Virtual Field of View in the Web Dashboard. Would it be possible to be able to change the profile in the dashboard to update the FOV indicator to reflect the new profile change? I can see myself using the FOV indicator a lot for precise framing and creating Roboclip targets, but having the option to adjust the FOV would be a great step toward improving flexibility.


Hi Gabe,
thanks for your kind word.
To change the FoV size in the WebDashboard you need to disconnect and change the profile in Voyager on your PC, so you can connect again with WebDashboard and get updated size of the new profile.
I’m sorry but for operational security reason we haven’t done the remote function to change the profile directly from WebDashboard. I understand your need, I’m astrophotographer also.
I can’t promise, but we’ll try to find an alternative solution.


in my workflow, i would like to change profile becouse i have a guide scope that sometimes becomes the imaging scope and viceversa. however i use the small one to polar align with phd/pempro or sharpcap. since both scopes have motor focuser, sometime to switch and tune focus would be nice.

But… not a common thing, and maybe something that could be managed via advanced version :slight_smile:

Status of request is changed from “I can’t promise” to “in todo list:slight_smile: .

I talked with Leo searching for a solution, we have found a way by storing on your local browser the different configuration you have already connected from the WebDashboard.
So you can switch between the stored profile data on Virtual FoV with no needs to really change Profile in Voyager from WebDashboard (except 1st time). This way can exclude every possible threat.

In summary: every time you will connect the WebDashboard to a different Voyager Profile (manually selected on Voyager on your PC), this will be stored locally on your browser and becomes selectable by an auto-generated drop-down list.

Many users tell us they love the ease of use functionality and design of Virtual FoV, so we decided that the FoV data can be acquired only automatically from Voyager and not by manual insert, to preserve this.

Hope it can be useful for your needs.



That’s fantastic to hear! Thanks so much @Francescodb and @Voyager!


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A little screenshot with FoV Profile selection from “browser stored data”. The dropdown list is populated every time you connect a new profile. The name of Profile is the same from Voyager.

We are planning on “Remote Profile Selection” also, for those that needs to change Voyager Profile remotely from WebDashboard.

Hope you like it!


Thanks guys! That’ll be great