Changing camera driver and dark libraries

I am currently using TheSkyX camera driver with voyager. Due to some instability in this software I am thinking of switching to the native ASI6200 driver in Voyager.
Will this require a new dark library?

General info useful to decide if try to maintain the same dark/bias/flat after changing a driver (ASCOM to Native or external to internal or between different automation software):

  • same use of Overscan (if available)
  • same size of the image (at same bin)
  • same USB limit (or similar name parameters for CMOS)
  • same GAIN e same OFFSET (for CMOS)

But there are more parameters that can be changed at low level in SDK (and not from user) so my personal suggestion is to create a new library.

I hope this helps.

All the best

Thanks, will create new libraries