Closing roof at sequence end

I have a problem with my Roll off Roof.
It’s Ascom controlled.

But I can not find how to close the roof at the end of the “Onthefly” sequence.
Not scripting.

At Onthefly sequence I get the mount parked, but Voyager keeps the roof open.
It does not close.

How can I order Voyager to close the roof after parking the mount?

I use a Talon6 Ascom driver:

I’ll try tonight with a Script, but usually I use the Onthefly option.
Thank you

Hi Fernando,

Have you tried the Close button in the Command window, Observatory widget?


In Dragscript you can found a section with blocks dedicated to Dome

All the best

Hi Rowland.
Thank you for your answer.
Yes, of course. With that button it’s ok. It closes the roof, but I have to do it manually at morning.

I need the roof closing automatically after the sequence end.

Every morning I find the mount parked (because of dawn, for example) and the roof open. For instance, SGP has an option of slaving the roof to the mount, and once the mount is parked, it obligates the roof to close.

In my case, the button you talk about works without any problem. That means that the roof is correctly connected to Voyager. Simply it does not close automatically.

What I usually do is using Lunatico Cloud Watcher to close the roof when the Very Light condition arrives.

I’ll keep investigating

Thank you!

Hello Leonardo
As I wrote, I was going to try tonight with a Script. I have always used OntheFly Sequences. It’s easier and enough for me.
I’m really happy with the results.

My only concern was about closing the roof automatically at the end of the sequence.

Anyway I have done a little script finishing with a Park Mount order and a Close Shutter order.

That should work. But unluckily tonight it’s cloudy at Alicante!

Tomorrow I’ll try again.
Thank you for your interest!

Sorry but close the roof with parking mount automatically is not safety. You will not found in Voyager.

You can manage weather conditions and to many other I/O conditions in voyager but with dragscript.

All the best

Would it be possible to allow Dragscripts to run from the
Sequence, On start, On Error and On End, Good Night Script request windows.
That way users with no scripting knowledge can easily generate scripts with Dragscript to carry out functions they required. Such as fhuet`s closing the roof.

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Hello Graham,

i cant do this , architecture of Voyager is exactly the opposite.
DragScript is not a script … no needed knowledge to use or to be a programmer. DragScript is a simple list of actions composed using mouse and drag&drop.

I attached a link to a video that show how to create a simple DragScript from zero to do what Fernando asked:

I remember to all users that in the license and support you have included the costruction of DragScripts with remote help.

All the best

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I am just trying a script tonight (my first script):

  • Take images during the whole night.
  • Take Dawn flats
  • Park Skope
  • Close Shutter (close roof)

I hope it will work!

The Wait Astronomical nights before Flat is not needed, Dawn flat wait automatically for Dawn.
Also if you want you can use wait for dawn block

All the best

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Thank you!


I have no problem with Dragscript. It was a suggestion to help new users who are not good with conventional scripts.
Most users seem to move on quite quickly to operating via dragscripts anyway.
Keep up the good work