Comet C/2022 E3 from London using Array

A shot of C/2022 E3 just past perihelion on the morning of Friday 13th (!) from a very windy London. Just an 1hr made 2X by Voyager Array!

Full resolution:



Very nice Roberto. Twin scopes identical or different ?

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Hi Mike

A 6” refractor acquiring L at 1290mm and another 92mm doing OSC at 490mm.


Lovely Roberto!
I shot E3 on 6 Jan. 1200 mm. They look like twins…

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Need to check your shot Jon. Must be gorgeous!

Great image! I plan to image the comet next weekend, I hope it gets bright enough to see it naked eye.

I am always impressed with the images you manage to pull from London :smiley:


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Thank you José! Post your results here if you can.


I will, Actually I will use an array, FSQ106 + RedCat51, I am very impressed with how easy is to use multiple telescopes with Voyager