Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)


I like to receive some advice on how you capture in an automated way A comet (This month C/2022 E3 (ZTF)) with advanced Voyager and PHD. Or is this, at this moment, the only way to do this manually by pointing to the comet and manually tracking on the comet? Please, can someone help me out?


Chris, you can add the Comet in RoboClip and add the coordinates in the various times (create more objects with different coordinates) you want from ephemeris online and create a series of Target in RoboTarget about using the Preset Time Inteval mode with a single interval.

If you search for retrieve automatically the coordinates of a comet at specified time this is not possible at now. We have the MPC object interaction in the TODO list.

Tracking a comet in automated way in PHD I dont think is possibile, just manual ! So I suggest to do more short shot

Otherwise you can use normal sequence in dragscript and before starting the sequence put the pointing by name block if you have the list of comet in your planetary system without using Robotarget.

All the best

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Thanks for your explanation.



This is exactly like I did it with advanced. I created a RoboClip target, then I import that each night in advanced and put the correct RA and DEC for the time I want to image it. I use 1 shot to take the frames at the specified times. I just copy the shots from the previous run to the new one.


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