Command center!

Here’s how it looks when I run a session.

After setup I don’t really spend much time here. I just check every now and then on my phone with the Windows RDP Android app depending on the weather and let dragscript run everything.

If I’m in my office I put the allsky cam display on the TV. I have it post to my allsky cam site at Allsky - {{title}} I have it running most nights. Check out the time lapses on there.

This setup is right by the backyard in my bortle class 7 backyard. I just switched over to a mono camera and am changing everything yet again but now I’m doing narrowband at home!

Thanks Voyager! I love it.

At the desk. Not usually more than 15 minutes if I haven’t changed anything.

Phone monitoring (laying in bed) with Windows RDP

Wyze live monitoring

Main setup. In process of new cable management

My first narrowband shot. Here’s HA


Cool Thanks for sharing this :wink:

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Very cool! However the Web Dashboard needs to be part of your Command Center!

Thanks! I do like the dashboard, and that was initially one of the things I was most excited about to use Voyager. But I found I like to see everything at once.

It’d be awesome if you could move and resize the dashboard modules! And even cooler if you could have one-click saved screen sets. There’s a lot of potential for it though.

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Agree that a next generation dashboard would be a cool thing - probably not that difficult either - for me it’s the latest weather radar, my dome and all sky cameras and the FITSviewer of the latest image(s) - I personally also like to have my Planewave PWI3 and UPBv2 GUI up to check on power draw and temperature profile of the OTA - but sometimes too much data is also unhelpful!

This kind of data are not connect with the controls , so you will not find in web dashboard.
There is a customization service for this kind of inclusion if you are interest, you can contact directly @Francescodb

All the best