Configuring a Skype call signal in a dragscript

So I am trying to set up the configurations for a Skype call if there is an unexpected termination in my drag script. I am using windows10 pro and have been trying to input the directory where Skype is found on my computer. I believe I have the directory set up correctly from reading on the web and the test button shows OK. But my Iphone never shows a call received. I have set up the Skype app on my iPhone and paid the $2.99 monthly fee. Having never used Skype before I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I would much appreciate any advice on how to properly set up the notification, hopefully the exact steps required as I am obviously missing something.
Thanks so much,
Bob Masters

HI Bob,

Skype do not allow more call of this kind from external applications.
DragScript block is yet available in Voyager for compatibility to who have really old versions of Skype that continue to allow this feature.

All the best

Thank you Leonard. I have set up to send to my email instead

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