Connecting LX200 GPS

I am having issues connecting my scope to Voyager, it is an 14" LX200 GPS. I have searched but I can not find anyone having a problem. When I try and connect with ASCOM and MaxPoint as the Hub I get the error “Can not use serial,transmit”. I have looked into the setup but can not find anything that might change this.

I am not set on using MaxPoint as a Hub but it has seemed to work better than anything else up until now. Anything anyone can think of to get my scope connected? Everything else seems to connect without problem.

My equipment it as follows:

Mallincam DS16c as main camera (Connects fine, have not taken any images yet.)
Mount ASCOM (LX200 GPS) can not use serial.transmit
PHD2 connects and starts up fine.
CdC connects fine.
Seletek Armadillo focuser connects fine.

Bob Parry
Chilliwack Observatory