Continue exposing with large guider error

Hi, this is Eric. I am a newbie with Voyager, only five days in, and have a question about Voyager stopping exposure when there is a large guiding error. I have seen on a number of occasions that Voyager will stop the exposure when the guiding error gets too large in PHD2, or when it temporality looses the guide star. This can happen even when its only seconds away from finishing an exposure.

How can I get Voyager to temper this behavior. What I would like it to do in continue the exposure and recapture the guide star, or simply continue the exposure and get the guide star at the beginning of the next exposure.

I have a Planewave L-500 mount and it barely needs guiding up to about five minutes. The whole setup is new and includes the Planewave 20" f/7.7 CDK and a QHY 600M camera.

I am sure this is a problem with my setup. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Hi Eric,

management of star reacquire is automatically done by Voyager. About the guiding watchdog you can enable or disable or just changing the trigger levels.

For Settlings:

For watchdog during guiding (probably start from here):

And in sequence configuration about Star Lost Detection:

probably the default values is too low for your setup



Thanks for the guidance. If I turn off Watchdog completely, then will it continue with the exposure and try to reacquire the guide star? Also, on the next exposure, will it again try to acquire a guide star?

At what point will it give up the sequence completely and shut down? If that happens, can I set it up to try again sometime later? And can I do this without DragScript? I know that’s powerful, but I am just starting and it might be a while before I learn that functionality.


If you disable watchdogs (and I think its a bad idea) no error will be checked in your guide during exposure.
If you lost the guide star and is not possible to regain it next exposure will start again without guide stable … this is why I tell you to use watchdogs. Just increase the error and not use the lost star watchdog if you trust your mount.

Dithering will check again for the guide settling in any case !

If you not have watchdog sequence will continue until end, if you dont dithering and dont guiding !!

If the sequence finish with error from OnTheFly is just end all.
If you have guiding watchdogs enabled, Voyager will be retry to acquire guide stars for 3 times and recalibrate for so many times to try exit from empass … but if the sequence finish with error you must restart manually.

If you want to manage errors and retry use the DragScript. This is a simple dragscript to manage with error 3 target:Please post here your DragScript - #10 by Voyager

You can also do something more simple in DragScript for one sequence just using a repeat block with inside the sequence block until the time you need. In case of exit from sequence before of this time Voyager will restart the sequence.

All the best

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