Create folder during Drag Script Expose command

I’m using the Drag Script Expose command to take images for a dark library. I have a loop for each exposure length and each loop saves the images into a folder with a name for the exposure length. When I’m done, I have a series of folders with dark frames in them, and I move them to another computer for processing.

But since I moved the folders, when I run the script again I get an error saying “Image directory chooses does not exist”. So I have to re-create all the folders for the script to work.

Would it be possible for the command to just create the folder path if it does not exist? If you think this might not always be a good idea, then perhaps a checkbox in the Expose setup dialog to allow the user to decide to create the folder path or not.

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Yes, sure. I will do.

All the best

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Thanks, Leo!
-Dan Kuchta