Creating a new V-curve

I just swapped my QSI6120 camera off of my StellarVue130 and attached it to my StellarVue80. Not sure what I was thinking, but I assumed that my existing Voyager Profile would work - not! I have made a bunch of necessary adjustments, but I am still having trouble with my V curve. Should I just start over and run the initial Vcurve routine? When I attempt to do that it tells me that this procedure will wipe out all previous V curve data. Is that JUST for this new Profile? Will my Vcurve data still exist with my other Profile? Thanks in advance.


Did you clone an existing profile? If so the v-curves will copy over. Start over and accept the warning but make sure you are in the right profile.

When you change optic configuration (telescope, flattner, reducer, magnifier) or camera or focuser you must redo the first light wizard.

All the best

Leonardo/Chris - thank you! I awoke at 4:30 this AM with the thought that I should NOT have cloned the existing profile - and that that was my issue. I went straight to the forum and found your informative answers. Bingo. Thanks again.

Per Chri’s note, I will move forward making sure that I am in the new profile, and then create a brand new v-curve.

cheers - bob