Creating Boltwood file creation in C or C#

I do not currently have a weather station yet but I’m using weather data from OpenWeatherMap plus a Raspberry Pi based rain sensor. I cannot count on the SafetyMonitor functionality (text file) as is already used by a program that monitors the UPS for possible power outages (leading always to a suspend event). I should therefore create a Boltwood-like file containing weather data. Is there anyone who has already developed the function (possibly in C or C#) and wants to share it?
Thank you in advance!

Hi, what do you want to achieve? I have created some code that writes Boltwood files from different sources, I need to check if I coded it in javascript or Python.



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I also have a Boltwood file writer I wrote in python. It includes writing to a Boltwood compatible file and safety monitor file. I haven’t made a repo for it, but here’s a gist:

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Just creating a Boltwood file using weather data coming from OpenWeatherMap and setting the rain flag according to a rain sensor based on a Raspberry Pi.

Hi there,
Could you please share your code on github or here? I have a weatherstation that runs on INDI. The weather station itself outputs into a json feed and I’d want to export the information into a Boltwood data file to be used with the Boltwood observing condition ASCOM driver to support ASCOM system.

Thanks for the file. It’s exactly what I am looking for. Where is this file pulls data from?

Sure, it is a very simple script, I use it to read One line file to a NoteRed board.

May I have the link please?

Let me find it, it is a nodered code node, very simple code.

If you want to plan, I racomend yout this “cheap” board: mySQM+ DIY SQM WEATHER STATION download | it’s an homemade bard, I use this from a long time…it’s fantastic and stable!

Can create a file in booltwood format (to answer to the OP request)?

It creates a CS II file if I’m not mistaken. Not sure if that works with voyager though. In past versions there was a boltwood file and that worked with voyager.

Great diy project in my opinion.