"customer" reference in FIT header


I have a request - I operate an observatory for a secondary School - so I have lots of requests from different students for imaging projects. I create a sequence for each student request and end up with lots of images from different projects a the end of the night that I have to sort out whose is whose…

What I would like to have implemented is a field in the FIT header called “Customer” (or “RequestedBy” or something that makes sense) that is customisable from the sequence editor screen (an easily edited field at the top, or under the Sequence tab, default blank, that gets recorded in the header with each image in that sequence).

This field would be separate from the “Observer” field, which is automatically me.


Not sure whether using a non-standard field would be ideal, but there appears (looking at a FIT header from one of my shots) to be two possible reserved FIT keywords that do not appear to be currently implemented in Voyager that could fit the bill:

ORIGIN - this is for the “organization responsible for the data” and so could meet Andrew’s requirements.
COMMENT - this is a generic comment field (the comment is bytes 9-80 so around 70 char) that could also fit.

Personally, I feel having a COMMENT field available for the sequence would be good, not only for this request but more generally.

I would create a different sequence for each student, and then change the Sequence Directory in the seq. options.

After that you can find all the images in the correct subfolder eg. Sequence\Students\RichardBenson (and if you still need to apply some custom FIT header you can do it massively)