Customize File Names?

Hi Leonardo - I would like to customize a sequence’s image (FITS) file name to include things like the gain and OTA. Is there a place to do this?


No, there’s not FIT costumization options in Voyager.

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Can I bring this request back to life please? I, rather than add other parameters to the file names, would like to make them shorter/simpler:

I am having a really difficult time sorting through my files as the names are SO long with information I don’t really need for their calibration.
I know some users need to take flats on different sides of the pier and want to record frames’ duration, etc but for us who only need to know what filter was used and auto-scale darks for example, life is much simpler! :grin:
Any chance of adding this to the list of requests?


Is in the to-do list Roberto … i think you’ll find in some of the next daily builds.

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In anycase you cannot remove info about data_time_msec … for your info

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Has there been an update to this? I’m interested in custom file names as well. Specifically, I’m interested in adding the OTA, camera, filter, and sub number.


Filter and sub number is already in.
OTA e camera where i found ? I need to add field to input !

One thing to keep in mind is that you can add any text string you like in the “suffix” field of the sequence elements, and it will be added to the file name. Not actually as a suffix, but between the frame type (Light, Dark, etc) and the exposure length. Once Leo implements custom filenames, of course you will have more flexibility, but for now, you could add it here manually for each element.