Cycling USB Port Or Restarting with DragScript Automatically

I have a Guide Camera that is 99%+ reliable. The problem is, every once in a great while it will stop responding. Fortunately, this is usually at the beginning of a session, after I have left the system up from a previous session. But that is not ALWAYS the case. And I’m not always around to catch it misbehaving, even at the beginning of a session.

So, my questions are these:

  1. Does anyone know a way to cycle a USB port from within Voyager. Preferably with a way to figure out which one is used by the guide camera.
  2. Short of that I know I can simply restart the computer and it will clear it. I know there is a way for Voyager to restart the computer. But is there a way for Voyager to automatically restart after doing so, and is there a way for it to automatically run a DragScript right away.
  3. When the guide camera freezes, is there a particular error I can look for to detect that event. I know that PHD2 puts up an error message.
  4. Is there some other method I can use that I may be overlooking?

Thanks in advance for any answers.

Hello Madratter,

1.with Viking you can manage switch system that also have usb port like the PegasusAstro. With this system you have 4 usb port that you can power on/off from remote. can put Voyager in windwod scheduler task with a time delay and with logon. you can call voyager with a parameter to start the desired dragscript and run it

  1. guide failure mean abort of sequence … check the sequence error and disconnect and reconnect the setup and continue

4.this is not a method in this case the solution is remove the problem form the root. if you know is the camera change the camera. (Why not ? is the best solution).

All the best

In the future i can report in a string the reason of abort to check in dragscript but not now

Thanks Leonardo. That was extremely helpful. :slight_smile:

Look for the MS tool devcon.exe which you can use from a script to power cycle the USB from inside the OS.
I have used it to clear some errors with USB. you will need to spend some time working out the USB PIDs for each device. I ended up writing a batch script for each problematic serial device. Haven’t tried this approach with voyager yet.
There are people out there who have put relay based power interrupters in their USB cables to address this.

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