[Daily Build] Voyager 2.1.1b version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.1.1b of Voyager:
Please use 2.1.1c Daily Build …

NEW => Sostituito attuale simulatore DragScript con Nuovo Simulatore con funzione avanzate
NEW => Nel nuovo simulatore si possono ora simulare tutte le condizioni d’emergenza
NEW => Aggiunto flag nella configurazione del DOME per forzare il controllo di rotazione anche nel caso in cui il Dome non sia in Slaved ON
NEW => Aggiunta opzione del blocco Sequenza per iniziare la sequenza con i vincoli di tempo indicati all’interno del file originale
MOD => Aggiunti 45 minuti al limite imposto ai flat per Dusk e Dawn per sole troppo alto o troppo basso
BUG => Nel nuovo simulatore vengono ora gestiti correttamente tutti i blocchi condizionali e condizionali per variabili
BUG => In caso didirezione fuoco IN allora le slope sono errate devono essere invertite da L a R oppure vanno rifatte le VCurve

NEW => Replaced current DragScript simulator with New Simulator with advanced function
NEW => In the new simulator you can now simulate all the emergency conditions
NEW => Added flag in the DOME configuration to force the rotation control even if the Dome is not in Slaved ON
NEW => Added Sequence block option to start the sequence with the time constraints indicated in the original file
MOD => Added 45 minutes to the limit imposed on the flat for Dusk and Dawn for too high or too low sun
BUG => In the new simulator all the conditional and conditional blocks for variables are now correctly managed
BUG => In the case of focus direction IN the slopes are saved in wrong mode, must be inverted from L to R or the VCurves must be redone

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.

Thank you for the update, Leo.

I am encountering an error when trying to load a DragScript that uses a variable counter.

And this is what is actually loaded by the editor. It seems to stop when the variable is declared.

Here is an example script that will not open properly.

N target troubleshoot.vos (153.0 KB)



I don’t modify editor … I just change simulator. Are you sure your file is not damaged ?

All the best

I now have several scripts that will not open in the editor of this daily build. I was just reviewing some of these scripts in the previous daily build before updating and did not have any issues. It is unlikely that multiple drags script files became corrupted simultaneously, but who knows? I will try to roll back to the last daily build and see if the problem goes away.

If all throw error is a daily build problem

All of my scripts open properly in version 2.1.1a, Leo.



ok thanks … i used this night without problems… now i check your file

I found problem, was in the pretext from mail block … i use 80 char but there’s a bug if is shorter.
2.1.1c is ongoing.

Thanks Glenn.

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Thanks for adding the “Start and End Time from Sequence” option in the DragScript sequence action, Leo! This is great, it will make it a little easier to program a multi-sequence night.


Wiki updated to 2.1.1c - always happy to update the Wiki because it means we have some cool new features :slight_smile: