[Daily Build] Voyager 2.2.10a version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.2.10a of Voyager:

NEW => New QHY CMOS Camera control added for all QHY CMOS with direct access via SDK (also works with recently released CCD cameras, otherwise the use of the ASCOM QHY driver is recommended)
NEW => Added new Filter Wheel control to manage the QHY wheels Connected with a cable dedicated to the QHY Camera, it works only if the Voyager QHYCMOS Driver is used
NEW => The QHY CMOS camera control takes advantage of a new level of data management in pipes from download to save FIT written in C language to obtain maximum performance in terms of execution time
NEW => Optimized FIT saving functions for ASCOM and ASI cameras (for ASI cameras the management in C language will be applied in the next release … time to get an ASI camera on the desktop)
NEW => Added early time parameter in milliseconds for the early update of the download of the QHY cameras if managed by the Voyager direct driver. To prevent the accentuation of the amp glow phenomenon in QHY163 and other older CCD cameras. On indication of the QHY. QHY600 and latest camera are not affected

Some info about QHY Voyager direct driver:

  • we use the last SDK driver from QHY, its delivered with Voyager installation
  • a dedicated new filter wheel control if you choose QHY direct driver in Voyager is now available if your camera is connected wth 4pin cable to the FW. If you want to use the USB cable of FW just put wheel in serial mode and use ASCOM FW serial driver from QHY. We have tested all the 2 ways. ASCOM filter wheel driver for USB not in serial mode not work if you choose Voyager QHY CMOS new direct driver
  • Read Mode in QHY CMOS can be selected only before connection of CMOS, cannot be done during sequence … this is the directive from QHY engineers. We tested to change during sequence (and doesn’t work)
  • we have changed ASI and CMOS save fit engine to be really more fast, please test it
  • A huge thanks to QHY and Tecnosky to allow us to use their QHY600M and QHY163M
  • setting for driver are identically to ASCOM driver from QHY (identically not the same)

We tried to do our best as always … in silence and with our method !
Thanks for support us.

All the best


Looking forward to trying it with my QHY268C! Thanks Leo.


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Great news !
I’ll try it with my QHY163m.
I also have a QHY268C Pro lended by QHY, I’ll also make some tests.

Thank you again for you hard work !

Thank you Nicolas and Wayne,

not easy.

All the best

Thank you very much Leonardo!
This is great.
I’m testing the QHY native driver with 367C and 600M.


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QHY Support. Oh my God. I am in Heaven. I can’t believe this! Thank you so much!

The latest driver changes really helped, but this is an absolute dream. Thank you.

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The new native driver and the file I/O system is super fast.
I can finish 60 biases for QHY600M under 4 minutes!

Thank you for your hard work Leo

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Thank you Donghun,

i’ve done a comparative test with some competitors to understand with really good results.
Same PC (i5 with 8GB) same camera and different software installed.

All the best

Thank you Leo for including native QHY setup. But won’t that make your life a bit harder to keep track of updating future proprietary drivers for different brands cameras and filter wheels?

Isn’t that the whole point of ASCOM to make software developers like yourself life much easier and not worry about having proprietary software for each brands and follow the ASCOM standard? That’s what standards are for unless ASI, QHY, QSI, and possibly SBIG & FLI (if you are planing to use native SBI or FLI drivers) are not doing their jobs writing better ASCOM drivers?


Dear Peter,

last ascom driver for filter wheel from QHY take me to request fix for 6 months … sometime have control is better for some brand.

You are free to use the ASCOM driver !

All the best

I don’t mind using native driver if it’s more robust. I just hope it will be easier to maintain for future SDK from other manufacturers.


Its equal … you can use ASCOM or direct nothing change … i just want to create driver direct for CMOS camera. You can access to gain offset and usb management, this is the main reason.

All the best

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Thank you for doing this. I’m getting QHY600M next week.


The download speed… !!! :slight_smile:




One thing that I noticed is that the usb traffic limit is set to 0 by default in the native driver.
ASCOM driver for 600M has 50 as the default.
When you switch to the native driver, double check if the usb traffic limit value is the right value you want to use.

Sorry, i will check !

All the best

Thank you very much for QHY native support Leo!
I will try it tonight, weather allowing…


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