[Daily Build] Voyager 2.2.10m version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.2.10m of Voyager:

NEW => Added ASTAP to a list of controls for Plate solving

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.

All the best


This is great Leonardo,
Thank you for adding the support for ASTAP!

I noticed that last few daily build forum posts are not put under the release category.
I’m wondering if it’s better to put them under the release category so that we can find all the daily builds more easily.

I actually found that last few daily build posts are not shown in the main forum thread list.
So if I go to https://forum.starkeeper.it/, I don’t see this post.
I found this post from the Facebook page.

I think it’s because these posts don’t have a category.
If I filter the posts with “uncategorized”, these posts are showing up.

Wow ASTAP is fast!.. I see it’s not a fully supported blind solver? Or is it? So I guess for now the best practice is:

#1 ASTAP (hints)
#2 All Sky Plate Solver (as a blind solver failover?)

(Above is just an example for my situation)

Thank you Leo. Every update just makes things more optimized and faster…

I talked with Han on which arguments is the best for plate solving … today i received an answer about and for other questions. So i’m testing now the Blind solve and i will release tomorrow a new daily build about with ASTAP also like blind solver

All the best

Fixed, sorry but for some reason i forget to set the category

All the best

Leo, you are awesome!

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Thanks for the effort! Has anyone has experiences with both ASTAP and ImageLink in TheSky and can comment which is better? I am using ImageLink and just wonder if I should give ASTAP a try.


Thank you, Leo! This is a great addition.


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My personal opinion … TheSkyX ImageLInk All Sky for blind is something of marvelous fastening. Just fews second to solve in Blind mode.

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I’ve never used SkyX how long does it take?

I have used ANSVR which uses astrometry.net and takes about 5 seconds for a blind solve.

Thanks Leo.

Tsx is in another league. try and you’ll never go back

TSX ImageLink All Sky is really fast.
It takes me around 2 seconds once the plate solve frame is saved for me.

2020/07/06 00:16:56 130 - INFO      - [BlindSolvingFile             ] - [SOLVE_START_Code                             ] - Blind Solving FIT File SyncVoyager_20200706_001648.fit
2020/07/06 00:16:58 271 - INFO      - [BlindSolvingFile             ] - [FINISH_Code                                  ] - Solved (J2000) => RA 17 59 14.026  DEC 49 22 18.11  PA 3.3 Res. 2.92 [as/px] Star/s 657
2020/07/06 00:16:58 271 - INFO      - [ATOMIC_BLIND_SOLVING_FILE    ] - [Funzione                                     ] - Action Time [ATOMIC_BLIND_SOLVING_FILE] => 0 [m] 2 [s] 

I’m a portable imager and I keep multiple plate solve and blind solving options just in case though.

Thanks guys. Yeah I use and love ImageLink.

Never able to get 5 seconds from astrometry.net usually never go under 15/20s at best, usually over 60/90s


Entilza uses “ANSVR” which is a local version of astrometry.net. You can do blind solving this way and it’s pretty quick. No internet required. Very common for SGP users.


How did you setup ASNVR in Voyager?


Voyager supports All Sky Plate Solver which is also a local astrometry.net server.

Peter ANSVR is just a way to use locally Astrometry.net, i have used it and like All sky plate solver have the same timing using the same thing.

For your info