[Daily Build] Voyager 2.2.13c version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.2.13c of Voyager:

NEW => In the precise pointing action a warning is displayed if you have chosen not to synchronize the rotator PA with the solved one on the sky and the two values ​​are out of tolerance
MOD => The icons of the open windows are also displayed in the tab manager of the main Voyager window to facilitate their selection
NEW => In the Sequence configurator there has been a new tab for managing the use of the Rotator and the control parameters
MOD => Attention! In the Sequence configurator the rotator flip flag when the meridian is changed has been moved in the new rotator management tab, now the flip is linked to the general flag for use and management of the rotator
NEW => In Sequence it is now possible to define the PA to be used and whether to manage the synchronization of the Rotator with the PA obtained from the solving during the initial precise aiming and after the meridian change
NEW => In Sequence you can define the tolerance in degrees of the PA of the rotator with respect to the desired PA for the Target
NEW => In Sequence it is possible to define the PA of the rotator (net of the set tolerance) it can differ by + -180 °
NEW => In Sequence the rotator flip is now executed after mount goto and prior to solving

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.

All the best


I want to add about rotator management that is only done in this two point of sequence:

  • at first pointing, so flag the “Point target on start” in start tab of sequence configurator
  • at meridian change
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Again in this case, if someone of who asking this features may try the change (Sequence Action) I will be really happy about. I stopped to use rotator 10 years ago for so many reasons.

Also in this case if you use RoboClip to get the target the PA field will be update automatically.

I cannot update the Wiki in this days 'cos I’m moving it with Rowland in another server. (Thank you @Rowland_Archer ).

Thank you so much

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let me say it in Italian: Meraviglia!

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Thank you Leonardo!!!

You are welcome, please let me know if all working fine.
I just finished working on flat and skyflat sequences and actions to add the rotator management.
Now i’m working on Drgascript for some overrides on sequence and flat configuration and I will pass to Mosaic & Research to implements tiles PA and rotator.

All the best

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I finished now to update the wiki about the 2.2.13c version changes:

Just I want also let you know that the wiki server is changed to https://wiki.starkeeper.it/ for now the old remain and will be moved to a simple redirect to the new.

Thank you so much to @Rowland_Archer for this task … gratefull to him for ever.

All the best

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I tested the rotator support yesterday with build 2.2.13c. I have a Moonlite CSL 2.5“ with a Moonlite DRO as controller. I set up the rotator section in my sequence as shown in your screenshot. Precise pointing failed with a message very close to this (sorry, the Astro computer is under lockdown because of rain):
PA=0.01 is out of any tolerance. Moving rotator 0=>360.

This would repeat, then the precise pointing failed. From the solved image, PA was correct (0.01). At the first precise pointing the rotator moved correctly from 71 deg to 0 deg.

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Hello tvh,

thank you so much for the feedback.
May you please zip and send to support mail https://software.starkeeper.it/support/ the log of your test (if you have started Voyager before midnight the log file the day before and day after if you have passed midnight) ? Info where to find log file here:

Also if you can send to us the sequence file in ConfigSequence folder you have used, again you can refer to the Voyager folder explanation in wiki:

We need to replicate the setting to check if there are some border line problem on check PA logic.

All the best

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Hi all.
I’m just trying at his moment the new rotator feature.
I have only used at Dragscript “Blind solve with mount and rotator sync”, and after that I used "Rotator move to= ".
And all is OK!!
I working perfectly. Thank you Leonardo!!

The only concern, but not for Voyager, is at the Lunatico Seletek driver.

At the Lunatico Seletek Rotator driver, at the start showed 358.
After the Blind Solve and sync, the real angle was 352, showed correctly at Voyager.
But at Seletek driver it keeps 358!!

When I ordered to move to 9º, Voyager moved correctly to 9º, and the Seletek driver shows 15º !

That means that Voyager can not update the real angle to Seletek driver, but in fact there is no problem, as Voyager keeps the real angle.

Thanks again.

Hi Fernando,

thank you so much … this is the offset calculate from Voyager. Voyager cannot change the value in the driver, only in the driver ascom interface 3 Ascom 6.5 there is command to do this , but you must have this driver implemented by Lunatico. In anycase work fine.

All the best

Hello tvh,

you have found a bug in tollerance calculation around 0° … so sorry my mystake.
I will fix in this we, affected all PA requested with 0+/- tollerance °

All the best

Hi Leonardo.
I had a little problem that previous night.

At the beginning of the script, I use to sync the mount and if that fails, terminate session:

15 - Block: Centrado montura
16 - Remark: ===========================================
17 - Unparking
18 - Goto Near Zenith
19 - Wait Time: 00:00:05 [hh:mm:ss] Interval
20 - Blind Solving with Mount & Rotator Sync
21 - … IF OK
22 - … Goto Block: SEQ1
23 - Wait Time: 00:00:15 [hh:mm:ss] Interval
24 - Repeat Block For n Times: 3
25 - Goto Block: Terminar sesion

But by hazard, yesterday it took me to an error:

There is a concern in the system with the angle definition:

I order the mount “going near Zenith”
And after, making a “Blind Mount & Rotator Sync”.

That gave me a 189º position. So voyager synced the Rotator angle to 189º.
But at my Lunatico driver it remains 9º.
I’m sure the Going near Zenith order went to an AFTER Meridian flip position.

OK. Now I begin my Dragscript going to an objet BEFORE the meridian flip.
The correct angle is 9º, but Voyager thinks the rotator is at 189º, and ordered the Rotator to turn 180º !!

26 - Block: SEQ1
27 - Remark: ======== FIJAR ÁNGULO ROTADOR ===========
28 - Rotator Move To: PA=9°
29 - Mosaic-Research & Survey: Start Immediately - End Astronomical Night - C:\Users…\ConfigSequence\Mosaic M31.e2q

For me, that’s a great concern, a big problem. I don´t want the rotator turning and turning like a screw and I blocked the angle range not needed. I don’t want the cables turning around!

In fact, for a rectangular camera you don’t need a 360º rotation. You only need 180º.

So at Lunatico driver I “blocked” a certain range, as seen at the picture (from 110º to 250º):

So, is there any way of avoiding this? I ended syncing manually.
I’n not sure about any solution.

In fact, my problem is derived of a “bad” interpretation of the real angle. I look for a relative camera position, and for me it’s the same 9º or 189º, but I understand that perhaps there are people that prefers the image shot showing the real North position.

A simple solution should be adding optionally an extra 180º to the solution when the obtained solved angle is between x and y (in my case 110º and 250º).

Thank you anyway.

Hello Fernando,

Voyager sync on PA received from plate/blind solving and think nothing by itself !.. so I cannot do anything in theory about.

In anycase Voyager cannot change PA in your driver because not exists mode to sync your driver if isn’t an interface of ASCOM 6.5 and I dont think your driver is of this kind. So, for this reason, Voyager use internal offset and if the PA of rotator and PA of sync is different you can see a background yellow on PA field of voyager widgets.

If you have a command on application where you configure Rotator driver you can do manually , tipically you must do this only one time if you don’t detach the rotator. And not use more sync in Voyager.

Voyage send the rotator to the PA you asked if you ask 9° go to 9° … if you use flag for +/-180° go to 9° or to 189° … depends on where is more closest to. This is useful for meridian flip to not flip the rotator.

If you sync Voyager sync to the PA solved in Plate/Blind solving… if you want I can add an extra offset on the Voyager setting editable by user , but not relate to angle.

In anycase if you use an angle where your rotator is safe Voyage will send the rotator to this PA in this case not allow the +/- 180°.

All the best

Hello Leonardo.

Yes, I understood that, and in my case, it’s better, because I don’t want a synced angle in a forbidden (not safe) zone.

I’didn’t read about the yellow background! Now I understand it. Thx!

You are absolutely right.

Once synced, there is no reason to sync the rotator again in a fixed observatory (at least meanwhile not making physical modifications).

Yes. OK.

Thank you for your help.

But question is … are you able to solve your automation needed or you need a dedicated management ?

I’m not sure about the meaning of your questions.

Being said that once I have the rotator synced I don’t need to sync it again unless a physical modification, the automation is assured.

And if the objects for syncing are shot before Meridian flip, I think the automatic syncing is also OK.

The only concern I need is not syncing after the Meridian Flip.

In other hand, I’ve asked Jaime, from Lunatico, information about his Rotator driver.

Hi Fernando,

I just asked if what I wrote in the last message has helped you or you need some dedicated management.
Voyager can just sync of PA solved … depends on user the strategy on using or not the sync.

I used rotator 10 years ago and remove after some months … so I’m sure I have something to learning about. In this case I can change the things because we are yet in daily build mode with rotator managent. For this reason I’ve request to test it.

Thank you so much

Dumb question, does this carry over to mosaics? Can I load a Mosaic sequence and use the rotator? It doesn’t seem to have a setting for it on the panel?

Daily build to solve the bug you have reported:

Thank you so much and please let we know if this solve