[Daily Build] Voyager 2.2.13f version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.2.13f of Voyager:

NEW => Custom Array -> Added the possibility to configure whether or not to use the cooling of the camera of the various nodes of the arrays. In the general configuration of the Array in the tab “Default Setting” there is a series of flags “Cooling not available”
NEW => In direct or used precise pointing, the rotation of the Rotator is subject to the position with respect to the meridian of the Target, if you choose the flip of the rotator then if the object is pointed after the meridian the rotator will be rotated 180 °
NEW => In the FIT, in addition to the ROTATANG header which shows the angle of the rotator, the SKYPAANG header is also written with the last Position Angle resolved before exposing that FIT
NEW => The management of the Reverse option for the Rotator rotation direction has been added in case the adjustments in Sky PA mode go in the wrong direction
NEW => Added information about the rotator in the ControlData event of the Application Server
MOD => Rotator offset inside Voyager or in ASCOM Drivers with interface version 3 has been made manageable only manually
MOD => Removed the concept of automatic Sync, introduced in previous Daily Builds, in the Rotator positioning modes. Now you can explicitly choose whether to aim with the PA of the Rotator or with the PA on the sky. The calculation of the temporary offset to reach the Sky PA is automatic
MOD => DragScript -> Adequate Precise Pointing Mount & Rotator block for use with Sky PA or Rotator PA
MOD => DragScript -> Added parameters for overriding the rotation angle associated with the Target in the SEQUENCE block. Only this field is overridden everything that concerns the management of the rotator in sequence follows the loaded configuration file
MOD => The last resolved SKY PA is automatically saved in the CameraPA field of the profile (CAMERA section) when Voyager is closed.
MOD => Adequate sequence to the concept of Sky PA and Rotator PA and to maintaining or not the image rotation after the meridian

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.

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Wiki updated:

We have changed the sync management to fully according the ASCOM 6.5 interface way to work (sync continue to work also with old driver managed directly by Voyager). We have splitted the Rotation Angle in Sky PA and Rotator PA to allow to who not have Sky PA always usable to have automation. WE have dismissed the concept of rotator flip at meridian and introduce concept of image with same orientation to give you the same result or if you use Sky PA or Rotator PA

Now we are working on extending the new features to the MOSAIC and adding multi angle support in FLAT/SKYFLAT actions

Please let us know your test about, we have used the previous daily build code library so the version should be really stable.

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