[Daily Build] Voyager 2.2.13g2 version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.2.13g2 of Voyager:

'[SEQUENCE SETTINGS] => NEW => Added Workaround to show the list of network disks in the Browse for folder controls in the selection of sequence folders and defaults
'[SEQUENCE SETTINGS] => NEW => Added possibility to manually edit the default FIT directory of the sequences
'[MOSAIC RESEARCH & SURVEY] => MOD => Modified CSV format for importing targets in the configurator of the Mosaic Research & Survey section, added PA before ORDER. In the wiki the new updated template file
'[MOSAIC RESEARCH & SURVEY] => MOD => Added PA column in the window of the Mosaic Research & Survey section
'[MOSAIC RESEARCH & SURVEY] => NEW => The possibility to manage the PA for each target / panel has been added to the Mosaic Research & Survey sequences configurator
'[MOSAIC RESEARCH & SURVEY] => NEW => It is now possible to retrieve the PA of the MOSAIC panels directly from the RoboClip within the Mosaic Research & Survey configuration editor
'[MOSAIC RESEARCH & SURVEY] => NEW => Added tab rotator in the configurator of the Mosaic Research & Survey Sequences with the same operating modes of the rotator in the normal Sequence
'[MOSAIC RESEARCH & SURVEY] => NEW => The sequence action of the Mosaic Research & Survey type now also manages the rotator and the individual PAs of each panel/target in both SKY PA and ROTATOR PA modes
'[PRECISE ROTATE SKYPA] => NEW => Created a new PRECISE ROTATE SKYPA action to align the camera to the desired SKY PA without moving the mount, useful for positioning before the skyflats when it is still night or to check the rotation
'[ONTHEFLY] => NEW => Added PRECISE ROTATE SKYPA action command with dedicated configuration form in Onthefly section
'[ONTHEFLY] => BUG => The action of precise pointing Target Coord & PA used the flag “Mantain the same image orientation” in an inverted way generating the exact opposite effect
'[PRECISE ROTATE SKYPA] => NEW => DragScript -> Added new PRECISE ROTATE SKYPA block to precisely rotating the rotator to the indicated Sky PA without moving the mount
'[ARRAY] => BUG => Array -> In the FITs recorded by the SLAVE nodes the RA and DEC of the trigger position were not correctly reported
'[ARRAY] => BUG => Array -> In the Sequence, in case of use of CMOS, repeat and group by flags of the slots the correct gain and offset were not used for the repetitions following the first

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.

Thank to everyone have contributed to this daily build with their test and report.

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A little bug on Camera PA auto update field setting in profile found. Switch in this thread to 2.2.13g2 version
Thanks to @yzhzhang

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Thanks Leonardo! Fired up just fine now.

Installed fine on PC and laptop, nothing broken so far!

Thanks for feedback.

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Thanks Leonardo, all good things come to those who wait

Thanks to you … I try to do my best .

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