[Daily Build] Voyager 2.2.14n version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.2.14n of Voyager:

It is always recommended to make a copy of the Voyager profile folder under Documents / Voyager / Profile

NEW => Renting -> Added management of authentication via Ticket for Renting services
NEW => New Remote Tab for configuring the parameters and remote access modes to the Application Server
NEW => Added recognition and license of Plugin management
NEW => Application Server -> Added Username Password authentication management
NEW => Application Server -> Added management in setup -> Remote tab of the default remote administrator of Voyager (Default credentials in the wiki, to be changed necessarily)
NEW => RENTING parameters / data management added in Voyager Setup
NEW => Added management of Renting and Release Tickets
NEW => Updated ASI SDK to version 1.16 of 2020.11.20, it is recommended to install the camera drivers V3.0.0.11 of 2020.09.21
NEW => Web Dashboard -> Management of a new Viking Remote Panel generated only in the presence of Viking management by Voyager (REQUIRED VIKING VERSION 1.0.23 and later)
NEW => Web Dashboard -> Login with user and password as set in Voyager in the new Remote section, you must also set the authentication level
NEW => Web Dashboard -> Ability to store Login data in the Browser and reset with a dedicated button. The switch must be activated before connection for the data to be stored.
NEW => Web Dashboard -> Added Get Last Solved PA button in Virtual FoV panel to retrieve the last known position of the camera before, and the last astrometric resolution after
MOD => The name of the Target with the subfoldering and naming system removed the spaces in the directory and in the name by replacing them with a _
BUG => Attempts to bring the Sky PA to the value indicated in the case of plate solving of the mount position outside the allowed error limit were erroneously counted, this could lead to the abortion of the Sequence
BUG => Web Dashboard -> Fixed error generated when during the Virtual FoV it finds no connection
BUG => Web Dashboard -> Improved initialization timing

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.

Thanks to everyone have contributed to this daily build with their test and report.

All the best


Web Dashboard - Viking Remote Panel:

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New authentication base username and password in Voyager and Web Dashboard:

chars in the password is free and not like the (*) note … this is refuse to remove in next release

This is sweet. Thanks Leo! Do we need to create a login/password first?

The default is admin password … please change, you must activate the user password authentication in Voyager and restart.

Am I doing something wrong? It doesn’t allow me to type in here

You have update Voyager ? You must use the dashboard inside Voyager daily build , the web dashboard version is 1.0.16b. The online dashboard will remain 1.0.15 until will go out new Voyager release

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Ah I see. The local verion of Web Dashboard works. Does this mean that for now the password login only works for local Web, and if I want to access from outside, I better disable the password login until you have 1.0.16b out for public?

if you want to use pubblic dashboard and username password authentication you will need to wait @Francescodb to update it (usually with the new Voyager release).

if you usually using the Voyager dashboard in your installation with username and password authentication already work

Its your choice

All the best

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Understood. Yeah we would love to use Web Dashboard outside the control PC with password login. We will wait for the next release then. Thanks!

Thanks Leo and @yzhzhang,
I am considering whether we can also publish the update in the online version, but I can’t promise, some tests are needed.


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Thanks for the “_” to space mod Leo!

Some very interesting things here too :slight_smile: !


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