[Daily Build] Voyager 2.2.3a version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.2.3a of Voyager:

NEW => Expand the management methods of the Dome
NEW => Introduced new internal Voyager RoboSync automaton for slave the Dome to the Telescope. Dedicated to the Dome System doesn’t have this function internally
NEW => New Dome control introduced for devices of NexDome Observatories Inc.

NEW => Ampliate le modalità di gestione del Dome
NEW => Introdotto nuovo automa interno di Voyager RoboSync per la sincronizzazione del Dome al Telescopio per i Dome sprovvisti di tale funzione internamente
NEW => Introdotto nuovo controllo Dome dedicato ai dispositivi della NexDome Observatories Inc.

You’ll found new box in Voyager setup, Dome tab, box RoboSync where to configure your Dome geometry. Geometry is the same of ASCOM Device HUB and POTH. Wiki is updated with this new features.

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.


Hi Leo,

I set things up with the Nexdome and using Voyager Robo Sync. Everything works perfectly!

The only little things I notice (no change from before using ver 2.2.3) is that in the “Operations” widget the Dome has a RED square? I wasn’t running a sequence at the time - just slewing the scope around to see how well the dome would follow. Would this RED square turn to GREEN when running a sequence or does it also need the Shutter connected to the Dome as well IOT get it GREEN?

Also, in the “Data Acquisition” widget there is no info for the Dome?

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Thanks for test it … really appreciated.

Red square related to Dome in Operations box mean the external driver report Error status, usually is when driver doesn’t know the status of the shutter. Here the list of color and meaning:

For command and status window some help here:

About Dome info :

  • in the status windows you have the dome azimuth, the dome status of motors and shutter.
  • in the commands windows you have all the commands about dome and again all the status related

All the best

Hi Leo

Thank you so much for this new feature!

Have a nice day


Thanks you so much Bernie.
Let me know if all work for you.

All the best

I was able to test for 2 hours ( I did not have a full night due to clouds)
I am happy to report that it worked perfectly during this time.

Thanks Leo this makes dome setup so much easier !

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Thank you so much Max for the feedback.
Happy all work.

All the best

I had a full night of imaging.
Robosync functions perfectly.
Well done and thanks again.



Thank you so much.Max.

All the best