[Daily Build] Voyager 2.2.4q version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.2.4q of Voyager:

NEW => Updated ASI Native Driver SDK to V1.14.1119 with the new cameras (ASI6200 ASI2600 ASI533)

NEW => Aggiornato SDK ASI Native Driver a V1.14.1119 con le nuove camere (ASI6200 ASI2600 ASI533)

NOTE … Voyager doesn’t contains ZWO driver native so you must download and install from ZWO website support page

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.

Hi, Leo,

I tried out this build with my new ASI 6200 MM Pro, and it seems to work great! The first batch of ASI 6200s have started arriving this week; so cool that Voyager is supporting them already!


  • Rajeev

Rajeev, will be very interested in your impressions of the camera.

Thanks Rajeev,

great … share with us your result … so many people are interested on it.
And congrats !

All the best


Hi Wayne, Leo,

Thanks for the interest. I’m still rebuilding my imaging train (waiting for my 50 mm filters to arrive; delivery was pushed back). I also expect to have to do some tweaking to remove any tilt etc, as the camera is quite demanding (small pixels in a full-frame format), but will share my results.

  • Rajeev
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Please let us know if the filters are good too.
Many of the early ZWO filters had halos.
Price is a bargain if they have better coatings


Leo, Qhy is still unsupported?

QHY are supported, all ASCOM camera are supported in Voyager.

All the best

Sorry… my bad… gain and offset control…

Ah ok ! … to much drivers and cameras from QHY … we are thinking about release an ASCOM driver dedicated to QHY with only the Gain parameter that work (offset are not implemented in ASCOM).

All the best

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Omg Leo… !!! :slight_smile:
Gain is perfect all I ever cared for thank you so much… Omg omg if this is true!!!

Thank you.for considering!!!

The true problem is that ascom should have added those controls long ago…