[Daily Build] Voyager 2.2.5c version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.2.5c of Voyager:

NEW => Aggiunto metodo RemoteFocusInject nell’Application Server per iniettare da remoto una richiesta di fuoco con il filtro indicato in caso di Sequenza in corso
NEW => Aggiunto evento AutoFocusResult nell’Application Server per comunicare i dati dell’AutoFocus appena terminato ai client di tipo Dashboard
NEW => Aggiunto metodo RemoteSetProfile nell’Application Server per effettuare il cambio del Profilo setup da remoto
NEW => Aggiunto evento ProfileChanged nell’Application Server per comunicare ai client l’avvenuto cambio di Profilo Setup
NEW => Aggiunta nel DragScript la possibilità di usare stringhe Jolly per stampare nelle mail e negli SMS valori di ambiente ed il contenuto delle variabili come ##INTERNAL-IP## per la lista degli ip interni, ##EXTERNAL-IP## per l’IP in rete pubblica , ##NOW## per la data e ora attuale e ##VAR-name## per il contenuto della variabile con il nome name

NEW => Added RemoteFocusInject method in the Application Server to remotely inject a focus request with the filter indicated in case of Sequence in progress
NEW => Added AutoFocusResult event on the Application Server to communicate the data of the AutoFocus just finished to the Dashboard type clients
NEW => Added RemoteSetProfile method in the Application Server to change the Profile setup remotely
NEW => Added ProfileChanged event on the Application Server to communicate to clients the change of Profile Setup
NEW => Added in DragScript the possibility of using Jolly strings in mail block and sms block to print environment values ​​and the contents of variables. Example : ##INTERNAL-IP## for the list of internal ip, ##EXTERNAL-IP## for the IP on the public network (require internet connection), ##NOW## for the current date and time and ##VAR-name## for the content of the variable with the name in name (case sensitive)

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.



Does this allow an autofocus in the middle of a Sequence that then continues?
Apologies, you may have covered this elsewhere.
Thank you


Hello Roberto,

Voyager already allow to do this (https://voyager.tourstar.net/index.php?title=Main_Window#Monitor) you can inject focus in sequence when you want and with the filter you want. Also you can remove the injection.

In this Daily build i added a remote command for the dashboard, Francesco will expand the dashboard for align it with the desktop capabilities.

All the best


I understand autofocus can be injected during Sequence and I have this setup everything I change a filter. I was asking if this can be done outside a script when a sequence is running? If yes, great! I suppose I can try and see!
Thanks again


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Yes Roberto, i linked the wiki where is explained the monitor system to do this.
Focus Injection is not the focus configured in sequence is an arbitrary focus that user can ask to the sequence.

All the best

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