[Daily Build] Voyager 2.2.6a version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.2.6a of Voyager:


NEW => Nell’editor di DragScript inserito nuovo script tra i precaricati per l’esposizione continua in loop
NEW => Nei settaggi del FITViewer è ora possibile selezionare la tipologia di mirino: target circolare o linee incrociate
NEW => Inserito nuovo Blocco Wait User OK per ricevere OK manuale da utente per proseguire con opzionale gestione del Timeout
NEW => Inserito nuovo Blocco Ibernazione Sistema Operativo
NEW => Inserito nuovo Blocco Sospensione Sistema Operativo
NEW => Aggiunta icona di avvio FITViewer al Desktop durante installazione Voyager
MOD => Irrobustito codice che movimenta le informazioni sulla status bar della finestra principale di Voyager
MOD => Irrobustito codice che avvia il FITViewer dai menù di Voyager
BUG => Non era possibile selezionare i file con estensione .fits per il plate solving di referenced FIT file da OnTheFly


NEW => In the DragScript editor inserted new script among the preloaded for continuous exposure in loop
NEW => In the FITViewer settings it is now possible to select the type of viewfinder: circular target or crossed lines
NEW => New Wait User OK block inserted to receive manual OK from user to continue, with optional Timeout management
NEW => New Operating System Hibernation Block added in DragScript
NEW => New Operating System Suspension Block added in DragScript
NEW => Added FITViewer launcher icon to Desktop during Voyager installation
MOD => Strengthened code that moves the information on the status bar of the main Voyager window
MOD => Strengthened code that starts the FITViewer from the Voyager menus
BUG => It was not possible to select files with the .fits extension for plate solving of referenced FIT files from OnTheFly

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.


Thank you, Leo!


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Thanks ofr the wait user ok, it is very useful to me in preliminary setup while traveling :heart_eyes:

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