[Daily Build] Voyager 2.2.9f version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.2.9f of Voyager:

NEW => DragScript -> Inserted new flow block RESTART DRAGSCRIPT to restart the DragScript from scratch by clearing all the variables and the status of the events
MOD => DragScript -> Added option to Event Suspend block to restart DragScript in case of resume waiting timeout
MOD => Adding Flat shooting type in the sequence for flat with fixed light and time
MOD => Now the Focus counters used to generate the Autofocus Triggers are kept at the general level of Mosaic and not of a single sequence
MOD => DragScript -> Added to the Research & Survery Mosaic block the possibility to set immediate start and end with astronomical night and offset
BUG => The homing of the ASCOM mount control returned negative execution even if successful, generating a non-real error. Thanks to the Avalon developers for reporting
BUG => DragScript -> The WAIT SAFE block could be inserted incorrectly within the event handlers
BUG => ATTENTION !! In the Action of Research & Survey and Mosaic, what was asked in the On End settings was not performed, bug only if used by OnTheFly

NEW => DragScript -> Inserito nuovo blocco flow RESTART DRAGSCRIPT per riavviare da zero il DragScript azzerando tutte le variabili e lo stato degli eventi
MOD => DragScript -> Aggiunta opzione al blocco di Event Suspend per riavviare il DragScript in caso di timeout attesa resume
MOD => Aggiunta tipologia scatto Flat nella sequenza per flat a luce e tempo fisso
MOD => Ora i contatori di Fuoco usati per generare i Trigger di Autofocus vengono tenuti a livello generale di Mosaico e non di singola sequenza
MOD => DragScript -> Aggiunta al blocco Research & Survery Mosaic la possibilità di impostare inizio immediato e fine con notte astronomica ed offset
BUG => L’homing del controllo montatura ASCOM ritornava esecuzione negativa anche in caso di successo generando un errore non reale. Grazie agli sviluppatori Avalon per la segnalazione
BUG => DragScript -> Il blocco WAIT SAFE poteva essere inserito non correttamente all’interno dei gestori degli eventi
BUG => ATTENZIONE !! Nell’azione di Research & Survey e Mosaic non veniva eseguito quanto riportato nei settaggi di On End, solo se usata da OnTheFly

I’m adding on the wiki the new features description , i hope to finish in the next 24hours.

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.

All the best


Woohoo ! So happy with this one !

Leo, you never cease to amaze me with the updates, thank you once again ! :+1:

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Thanks to you for using Voyager … and have patience to wait.

All the best

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Thank you very much for this.
Super service


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Thanks to you for the feedback Christian