[Daily Build] Voyager 2.3.1h version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.3.1h of Voyager:

NEW => TheSky64 → Added control management of the new 64-bit TheSkyX from Software Bisque

NEW => TheSkyX / 64 → Added AO management in camera control

NEW => FilePattern → Added $$SETTEMP$$ pattern (reports required temperature in sequence as two-digit unsigned integer)

NEW => FilePattern → Added $$YY08$$ pattern (returns year with the same logic as the $$VOYDATEFOLDER08$$ pattern)

NEW => FilePattern → Added $$MM08$$ pattern (returns month with same logic as $$VOYDATEFOLDER08$$ pattern)

NEW => FilePattern → Added $$DD08$$ pattern (reports day with same logic as $$VOYDATEFOLDER08$$ pattern)

NEW => The new device just released by GEOPTIK USB Flat device Control has been added to the FLAT DEVICES

Thanks to everyone have contributed to this daily build with their test and report.

All the best


Thanks. The file naming works in Pix. As an example: $$TARGETNAME$$ \ $$TARGETNAME$$ _$$IMAGETYPE$$ _$$FILTER$$ _$$FRAMENR$$ _$$EXPOSURETIME$$s

Gives you:
M 31 › M 31_LIGHT_L_0023_0.0001s_Date_20210325_SetTemp_25_Gain_154_RPA123.45_F30187

with keywords recognised in WBPS 2.0 in Pixinsight.
Note : you still need to remove spaces in front of _ and \ above. If not the formula doesn’t show in the forum.
Thank you very much

Hello Leonardo and thanks for the update
So Sbig AO-X will work now through The SKY X-64 camera control?

I’ve implemented in TheSkyX and TheSky64 … is a beta , I cant test the ao recentering because I’m in lockdown. Like all AO in VOyager (Maxim, PHD2 ,TheskyX) calibration of only AO (glass or mirror) must be done outside Voyager one time forever.

You must check IsAO flag in the guiding tab of Voyager setup to work.
I asked to some tester the feedback about recenter … let me know if you will use.

All the best

Sure I will try thanks

I’ve had success integrating SkyX64 and Voyager. Thanks for the great work Leo.
Tip: For those installing Sky X 64. You need to setup all your equipment again and most of your preferences. Do not select blackbox recorder “send to Software Bisque”. If you do you will not be able to reopen Sky X 64 (bug). To fix you will have to edit the AppSetting.ini file in Documents/SkyX64 and change the value of APP_enumBlackBoxRecorder=2 to a 1.


Voyager connects to imaging camera, guiding camera and the mount via TheSkyX and I was able to do a flats run with no issues. Will try tonight to do an image run via dragscript.