[Daily Build] Voyager 2.3.1k version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.3.1k of Voyager:

NEW => ASI Camera → Voyager Driver for ASI V2 cameras updated to SDK version 1.17.0 of 2021.03.24, it is recommended to install at least the camera drivers V3.16 of 2020.12.30

NEW => QHY Camera → Updated Voyager Driver for QHY Beta cameras to SDK version 2.3.13 of 2021.03.13

NEW => Tools → Introduced double scale for the inverted mode in the tool to assist in the manual rotation of the camera to the desired Sky PA

NEW => PHD2 → Introduced OPTIONAL PHD2 Profile change management, it is now possible to associate a PHD2 profile to the Voyager profile so that it automatically switches when the setup is connected. Profiles can be retrieved from Voyager Setup, Guiding tab, PHD2 Profile Selection


NEW => DragScript → New Change Voyager Profile Block added

Thanks to everyone have contributed to this daily build with their test and report.

All the best


Thanks Leonardo.
these are important structural changes (the profile swapping in both voyager and PHD) which increase the options available to us in use of scripting.
(we are using a perseus 4 port hub and MMOAGs with twin OAG so it is relatively easy to see why…!)

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This is a very nice update. I appreciate the ability to call specific PHD2 profiles within Voyager. The manual rotation assistant also looks excellent. I can’t wait to try it.

Thanks, Leonardo!


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These are very welcome enhancements, thank you!

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